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Gerry Tully

Irish Folksinger/Songwriter

Gerry Tully – Folksinger

” Gerry Tully is a world class performer “
Finbar Furey

A little bit about me.

Those musical experiences created a unique musical style, Gerry is a natural, self-thought musician. Passion is the word most often used to describe his performance, entertainer is right on the money also. Live performance skill and intimate connection with his audience are strengths gained over time that coin his style.

Things Heard

Returning to his roots Things Heard is Gerry’s fourth release delivering a message of timeless relevance, cultural upheaval, social exclusion and personal loss. Ten of the songs are collected from Ireland, Scotland and England. Classics like Victor Jara, The Thrity Foot Trailer, The reason I left Mullingar, The Worker’s Song all present manmade problems that have been accepted as part of everyday life. Tank Park Salute, Night Visiting Song and Spencer The Rover reveal personal upheaval which must inevitably be accepted my every individual. Gerry has penned three of the songs on the album convaying a similar message. The first, Rise Up calls on the Irish people to work together to bring about better political decisions and reach for a better way of life. Little Gadfly tells of the life and death of the classical philosopher, Socrates. The third song called The fracking Song warns of the long-term danger related to Hydraulic fracturing which crept into Ireland in the recent past.

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