A note from Kevin Johnston.

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by.

I thought I'd share this story that happened during the summer, just gone.  I was gigging in a local hotel, enjoying the gig and the reaction of those who were there.  The evening was relaxed, people were listening so, I decided to sing one of Kevin Johnston's wonderful songs, I began to sing his classic, "Shaney Boy", one of the audience began recording the song onto his phone, I wasn't sure what to do, when I finished the song he came over, introduced himself, and said he was a friend of Kevin and wanted to send the recording directly to him.  He asked if I had another song which I had; "Rock and Roll I gave you", He recorded this too and promised he'd send on both.  Within two days I received this lovely message from Kevin Johnston. 

"Hi Gerry,
K J sent me a recording he did on his phone of you singing a couple of my songs live.
I was most impressed. You have a fine voice, and your phrasing and delivery were excellent.
Thank you for choosing those songs to sing. I always find it interesting to hear other performers interpreting my songs.
It is indeed a compliment when singers like yourself choose to do so.
I hope everything is going great for you, and the years treat you well.
Kindest personal regards."

Check out Kevin Johnston's music at  http://www.rocknrolligaveyou.com