Gerry Tully playing the DC Music Club.

On the 17th of February 2017, I play The DC Music Club in Dublin. The club is well known in the music world and has played host to a long list of established performers from Ireland and abroad. For those who want to travel from Meath and surrounding areas here's some information to help get you to the venue. I hope you'll find helpful.
The venue is 15 minutes from the Pheonix Park
The club address is,
20 Camden-Row,
Dublin 2.

If you have a smartphone, open "maps" and type in the address and press "start" and Go!

Here's a map if you prefer.

On the Coner of New Bride St and Camden-Row

This is the front of the venue. Very low key, cool!
Press the intercom button and you'll be invited in!

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