Maverick EP Launch.

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The big news is that I’m performing at the Leonard Cohan Festival which is happening on Friday the 8th of August 2014 in Liberty Hall, Dublin.  It’s a thrill to be asked to perform at this event as it’s the first time the event has been held in Ireland and it celebrates the music of a living legend who’s music has touched so many.  You can read a previous blog about the event here. To coincide with the event in Liberty Hall, I’m releasing an EP called “Maverick.”  which consists of five tracks, cover songs, that I get asked to play regularly at gigs.  Digital download is available from the website right now, hard copies will be available from the site and at gigs from the 8th of august.  I hope you enjoy.    

The recordings went very smoothly, I want to extend special thanks to Martin Quinn at JAM Studios for this.  Each time I go there the equipment is the latest and highest quality.  JAM Studios is based outside Kells at Ballinamona. It is peaceful and an ideal place to get work done. Martin Quinn stood at the helm for all my sessions, he helped with his ideas.  He recorded, mixed and mastered.  He also played double bass, piano and shaker on the recordings.  I would advise anyone considering a recording project to check out JAM Studios.  They have a professional approach and are well regarded in music business in Ireland and abroad.  The CD duplication company was advised by the studio also, so I went to They are quick to respond, friendly, very professional, and competitively priced like JAM Studios.  

Love, thanks and deep appreciation to Robert and Caroline Tully for their part, both had a hand in the sleeve and EP photography, Robert Tully designed the EP and the social media artwork.  Caroline Tully created the design of the website and worked hard on getting things looking as good as they do. 

The pictures on the site are my own unless stated otherwise.  There are photos by Enda Casey and Jean-Philippe Benoit, both excellent photographers who contributed over the years.  

Finally, a word of thanks and gratitude to all those who supported me, worked with me, taught me, and to everyone who come to my gigs, you are a wonderful encouragement.  Check out Maverick.