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Recently I’ve I’ve changed the name of the website from to There are two reasons for this. The first is, I’ve been playing music for more than half of my life without any sort of defining label. Over the years folk music is a style I’ve never moved far from. I find folk songs to be fulfilling, both to play and in the type of message they convey. Secondly, and this seems obvious, I feel that the term, folksinger, encompasses my style of performance closely.

For those who remember the folk boom of the 60s the term 'folksinger' conjures a vision of a singer with a finger in his ear while singing, I love the idea but it’s not part of my performance.To me, the term 'folksinger' represents that my performance include some classic folk songs, performed using my guitar or 5 string banjo. I tell stories about people's lives. The songs I choose are about people, their lives, hardship, successes, losses, loves.  

I’m focused on telling the story the best way I can. I choose songs that I connect with and am moved by. Moved enough to put my heart into repeating the song so that hopefully the listener can at least have a view from my interpretation. 

I believe in what I do, and I've been lucky enough to have music as a primary focus of my life. In those years, I played in every gin-joint and Shebeen from Malin head to Mizen head. Apart from becoming a writer or an artist, I don’t know of another way of life where I would be inspired. So, music, and more pointedly, folk music, is real for me. I’m not claiming any extra knowledge or connection with the folk world, I'm simply sing songs about people. Have a listen to my latest album, Things Heard, HERE

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