The Release of "Things Heard"  

Hi, everyone. 

After a prolonged break, I went into a studio and recorded some songs. This time I wanted to record songs I love to sing. The result is “Things Heard”, a collection of songs that have been part of my musical worldview for years. Classics like, ‘The Sun is Burning’, ‘Victor Jara’, ‘Tank Park Salute’ among others color the collection of every folk singer. To me these songs are the bread and butter of every folk musician, they are the driving force of musical gatherings in communities everywhere. My own songs represent my thoughts on the dangers of Fracking, pulling together as one people, and, of course, the life and death of Socrates, the gadfly!

I’ve been performing music for so long that I’d adopted a passive perspective to what is actually the driving force of my life. For me music is, and always has been, a vital part of who I’m becoming. Performing songs, whether written by others or myself, is a part of that system. Different songwriters have quantified life's happenings far better than me, so for that reason, I believe those songs should be sung. I believe songs are for singing. As Louis Armstrong once said; "All music is folk music. I ain't never heard a horse sing a song."Cite

"The Fracking Song" is available for download, free. You only need to sign up with an email address and the song will appear in you inbox. 

Thanks for stopping by. Spread the word.


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