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Gerry Tully Folk SInger

"Gerry Tully-Folk Singer"

Booking 2019/20 

Gerry Tully is a native of Meath, Ireland, who has carved himself a reputation as an outstanding performer and entertainer with his own evocative style. A natural, self-taught musician with a vast repertoire from across the folk genre, He compels you to listen as if hearing well-known classics for the first time, drawing you into his world. Gerry is a magnificent interpreter of song, but when others words leave off – his own begins. As a songwriter and aided by a degree in Philosophy and English, Gerry’s songs are mesmerizing, political and caring, thoughtful and haunting. 

Finbar Furey - "Gerry Tully is a world-class performer."

Gerry has toured Ireland, England, Germany, and America with traditional and folk groups and has also toured Europe and America with Derek Warfield the front-man for the renowned ballad group The Wolfe Tones. In 2008 Gerry released his debut album ‘Leaves Float Down’ and began the year touring alongside Ronnie Drew, Finbar Furey and Don Baker on their ‘Legends’ tour. Gerry has an evocative voice packed with emotion and depth. Having spent his young life playing in pubs he's learned to distill the real meaning in every song he sings, he's an all-around entertainer.

Gerry returned to his folk roots with his new album ‘Things Heard’, a collection of folk songs from Ireland, Scotland, and England, including three originals. The songs deliver a message of timeless relevance, of cultural upheaval, personal loss, and social exclusion.

Gerry's years of performing have equipped him with an uncanny ability to read an audience. He has been known to abandon the set list and do a three hour set on audiences' requests all from his head.

 Jackie Hayden – Hotpress Magazine 

“Gerry has a robust voice ideal for mainstream, pop, or folk tunes, and he oozes confidence as a performer echoing back to early Dylan and Tom Paxton”

 Gerry performs around Ireland and still performs at his long-standing residency in Don Baker’s establishment Brogan’s Hotel in his home town of Trim, His Brogan's gig has become something of an institution and has healthy support and regular attendance, it shows no sign of stopping.  

Click here to read an article published in the Irish Music Magazine in March 2018. 

Songs of Leonard Cohen

“If It Be Your Will”

Booking 2019/20 

The music of Leonard Cohen is known the world over. A highly regarded poet and musician, his work has spanned the generations. For many, Cohen’s words and music give expression to the inexpressible within themselves. His soul-searching melodies are intriguing and beautifully sparse yet loaded with emotion, detailing beauty, love, loss, laughter, in a way that only Cohen could. Since I discovered Cohen’s music in the eighties his songs have been a constant feature of my live performances. In 2014 I was invited to open the Leonard Cohen festival in Dublin’s Liberty Hall. People travelled from Ireland, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Paula McCann (event organizer) - “Gerry Tully’s performance blew me away” 

The following year, in celebration of Cohen’s Birthday, I performed a full show with a band at the Hot Spot Music Club in Bray. 

Having left a respectful period since his death in 2016, in 2019 I’ll take my show, ‘If it Be Your Will’ to intimate venues, paying homage to the words and music of the Canadian troubadour. 

If It Be Your Will is a solo performance, akin to Cohen’s early appearances, drawing on his early songs and moving through his career to his recent discography. The show is a respectful homage to Cohen’s music and poetry and is aimed at those who love Cohen’s style.

Gerry Tully-Folk Singer

If It BE Your Will