Our time in lockdown – Good or Bad?

It looks like the surge of the pandemic is beginning to reseed for the third time since March 2020. But we can expect the world will be talking discussing it’s effects for a long time to come.

We’ll endure the pundits counting the cost and highlighting the fallout and we’ll hear how the world has changed as a result.
It’s my guess that the world of musician’s around the world will experience a seismic shift in how business is conducted in future. As for things here in Ireland, I believe that despite all the damage Covid 19 has ravaged upon us there is one positive nugget this musician has learned during that strange and difficult time. That nugget probably doesn’t need saying, it’s been obvious really for a very long time. That nugget is; music matters to people.

This point is clear when you take a look through the social platform Facebook for example. The online sessions given by a host of musicians, singers and performers of all genres became sought after as the pandemic took hold.

I looked forward to settling into a regular spot where I heard from over one hundred people each week. They filled my request sheet and I played happily to the tiny speck of a camera lens that connected us. The lockdown gave a new credibility to Going-LIVE on a phone camera. It was great and for that reason I think social media gigs are here for good.

A more profound aspect which has arisen is the need for LIVE music. People searched out online gigs. They listened, they donated their scarce cash to virtual the ‘tip-jar’. They interacted and had text conversations during the gigs. At a time when no one knew how Covid 19 would play out people sought music for comfort and a sense of normality.

When the talk and opinions are hashed out and Covid has faded in the headlines the recordings of those Facebook sessions will be a lasting reminder of that time and hopefully a reminder of those we lost.

Here’s a link to one fo the early sessions I played, search the Facebook page for others too.


Viva live music. . .