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  1. Little Gadfly

From the recording Things heard

The song, "Little Gadfly" tells of the life and death of the philosopher, Socrates.
"Gadfly" was the name given to the classical philosopher because of his probing nature. His questioning "stung" and disgruntled many with whom he spoke and very often left people in doubt of their own profession or purpose in life. Such was the popularity of his character trait that he was put on trial and executed on the charge of corrupting the youth. His punishment was death by poisoning.

To read about Socrates; https://www.ukessays.com/essays/philosophy/how-socrates-acts-as-a-gadfly-philosophy-essay.php


Guitar Tuning - C G C G C E

Little Gadfly, in the nighttime floating ‘round my room
Little Gadfly, Spending hours staring at the moon
Asking questions, being a pest
You’re upsetting all the rest
They’ve started talking ’bout you and they say you’re acting like a loon.

When you pass by, you enquire far too deep
People wither, trying to find the answer that you seek
They shrivel up and they confess
There is no answer to address
They don’t want to be roused up or woken from their beauty sleep

Little gadfly, they say that they don’t like the words you speak
Your loaded questions only serve to make foundations weak
The only answer, they concede
Is to carry out that their wicked deed
They could not understand you so the would not hear you speak

There’s just the air and just a song
that it’s not hard to get along
Asking questions was the answer to the reason why you were so strong.

Tiny Gadfly, you’re the master of the unforgiving eye
And yet no one knows if your existence was a lie
Perhaps a figment, I suppose
Then, only Plato really knows

If asking questions is your joy,
little insect you were born to fly