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  1. True Love

From the recording Leaves Float Down

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Tom O'Keefe would wait for hours for his true love to appear
It was for him pure delight like the spring time of the year
He'd often sit outside his house on Sundays after Mass
Pretending to be reading and he'd blush when she'd go past

Chrous She was his love
She was his hearts desire
She was his love
She set his soul on fire (x2)

Sweet music songs and flowers he plied her in his mind
Her beauty overtook him he dreamt they talked and dined
And he dreamt that he slept with her her soft skin next to his
He wished to God at night-time he was hers and she was his

Chrous She was his love…
He never told her (x2)

Sweet Anne Farrell from Dublin full of beauty tall and slim
Enchanting with her long red hair she'd smile and wave at him
She'd often pass outside his house to watch him sit and read
She couldn't stop to talk to him though desperate was her need
She knew she could be safe with him and comforted at night
They should be together then and they would be all right
And she dreamt of not being lonely in her lovers arms so strong
But the fear was such it might take too much
And it might all turn out wrong

Chrous: He was her love…
She never told him