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  1. Give Me Fire

From the recording Leaves Float Down

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Don't waste time tellin' me sad stories
Nor bang a gong expecting me to march
And don't impose those morals that you talk about
While those around us flounder in the dark.

Time to be free the time is now we don't need to be shown how
Fill the days with things that I desire
Give me peace and give me love the way you know you should
Stimulate my heart
Give me fire

Don't imagine that you won't fear ghosts at nighttime
Or think the man above has gone to sleep
And don't go clasping hands if you don't mean it
Long time has been spent out in the deep

Not for the mild or for the meek not for the faint or for the weak
Come on come on and take me higher
It's the fire in your veins that won't go out when it rains
Make me come alive
Give me fire

Each day haunts the next
The next is hindered by the last
You think you've got over it
But then you realise it never really past, at all.