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  1. Heavens Gate

From the recording Leaves Float Down

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Oh babe I think I'm dying
I can feel it coming on me like a dream
Oh god it feels like flying
Like an insect caught in some headlight beam

It's like magic
How I'm floating wild
And it's weird I cannot see
But I don't feel like laughing now I'm free

Oh babe I think I'm dying
Is it true or is it just the way I feel
Oh god it feels like flying
My feet don't touch the ground this can't be real

And it's quiet now
So don't speak loud
The outstretched hand the golden gate
I really hope I'm not too late

I can see you from above
Don't disappear
Your pretty shape
Before me
Melting in my tears

I cannot believe it's true
Can't believe I'm loosing you
A deep voice spoke and said to me
This is life and here's the key and la la ……

Repeat first verse